Alex is an enthusiastic and proven Science teacher with more than 20 years of experience in both London and Málaga. Alex is always looking for ways in which to make his teaching more relevant and engaging and is constantly upgrading his skills in the areas of Maths and Physics teaching. Having graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Natural Sciences degree in 1989,  Alex has continued with his professional development by completing a number of relevant courses and has most recently completed a course with the Open University on Applied Mathematics (MS224) and a Certificate in Physics for teachers which is recognised by the Institute of Physics.

We wanted to share more of his interests with you, so asked him a few more questions:

How did you get into teaching?

Like many teachers, by chance.  I had an opportunity to teach in a school in New York when I had just graduated but after a visit to the school with a friend who taught there I realised the time was not right for me.   I travelled for a number of years and in London decided to sign up for a teacher training course.  It was a demanding but rewarding experience, but it opened up new worlds and still continues to do so..

Tell us a little about your time as a teacher?

I taught at three different state schools across London before I came to Málaga.  Each school was very different, and it was a great way of getting an insight into how the local communities worked.  In my last school in Islington we had a TV crew in as we were one of the first schools with a super-head. They made a documentary called Head on the Block. There were a lot of refugee children from war torn countries around the world.  It made me think about the things we take for granted in the part of the world we are lucky enough to live in.

What do you enjoy most about being a teacher?

The fun of interacting with students who are wired to learn as we all are… You learn and get paid to share what you have learned. The contact with students also brings your own learning to life.

What do you enjoy most about Phoenix College?

The personable atmosphere between staff and students and the fact that it is we as educators who make the decisions about how the school is organised and run.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life. Omar.

If you were on a desert island and you could have three items with you, what would you choose?

Transport to get around.

A map and maybe a ticket for the boat back…

What is your ultimate, go to gadget or app?

Plant identification or WhatsApp of course.

If you could have dinner with two famous people (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

Albert Einstein for his witty aphorisms and the curvature of space-time.  I can´t think of anyone else.

Three words that best describe you:

I get to choose the 3 words hmm, Adventurous, Active as I spend a lot of time outdoors in the mountains around Málaga and maybe an Over-thinker sometimes, which can lead to procrastination.

Which is why it has taken me so long to fill in this form 🙂

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