The School Day at Phoenix College Málaga


Information for students & parents


  • The School day has classes from 9.00 to 16.00
  • Students are expected to arrive at around 8.45, to allow them time to prepare & be ready for classes which begin at 9.00
  • Students should sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave. The signing sheets are kept by the College Registrar, Lisa
  • There are six one-hour classes in the school day. Most students will have 1-2 Study Periods per day, which they are expected to spend in College studying quietly
  • There is also a library close by, Biblioteca Cánovas del Castillo (Calle Ollerías, 34, 29012 Málaga), which students may wish to use to work in
  • There is a 20-minute break at 11.00 and a 45-minute break at 1.15 for lunch Students may leave the College (though must sign out and in) during breaks or Study periods
  • Students may bring their own lunch or buy it at one of the many local cafes or shops, and we have a kitchen which students may use to heat food
  • We do not have a College uniform, though students are expected to dress appropriately, and may be reminded of this if need be
  • Lockers are available, and students provide their own locks
  • Textbooks will be provided by the College in return for a deposit. Students also have the option of buying their own textbooks from us at cost price, or elsewhere, if they wish
  • Students will be trained in the College’s Fire Procedure. Copies of this are in every room and Fire Practices will be held twice a year

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