The PSC (Personal, Social and Cultural) Programme

Head of Programme: Alex Mitchell

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The College is not just about academic study. It is essential that our students develop personally, both as individuals, and as members of society.

How Does it Work? One of the best things about the programme is that since its conception by Alex Mitchell, our students have contributed suggestions and helped it evolve, a process that will no doubt continue to adapt to different students’ needs.

The PSC programme has three main parts:

1. Personal Tutors – All Phoenix College students have a personal tutor, who is one of our A- level teachers. Tutor Groups meet every morning, where news and notices can be passed on. Any difficulties can also be discussed with staff then, or an appointment made to talk things through in more detail.

2. Targets – the core of the Programme is that Phoenix Students aim to set their own termly targets to expand their horizons & experiences. Each term, we encourage students to choose a Personal, a Social and a Cultural Target, helping them to push the boundaries of their comfort zone, developing existing skills and seeking new ones, always with the guidance of their Personal Tutor. Some activities overlap different areas so there is great flexibility in the system and no one is forced to take on any particular target.

Targets are broadly divided into three areas:

    • Personal Targets aim to develop a student as an individual. Students have chosen to try a new sport, take lessons in another language, learn a new musical instrument, compete in Debating Competitions, enter triathlons…
    • Social Targets encourage students to contribute to or increase their experience of the community around them. Volunteering is a popular choice. Students have become members of the Spanish Red Cross, or worked at local animal shelters. Others have organised a recycling programme in the College or helped organise student activities such as Carol Singing in a local residential home.
    • Cultural Targets broaden student’s awareness and knowledge of aspects of civilization, our own or any other. We are tremendously lucky to be situated in the heart of Málaga, with its wealth of history, museums and art galleries, so there is plenty for students to discover right on our doorstep, however students also organise their own visits and activities or make a cultural experience part of a family holiday.

At the end of the year, students will receive a College Record of their achieved targets. This is invaluable for university applications in particular.

3. Visits & Trips – The Programme also helps students to broaden their horizons and enjoy new experiences, as well as make important decisions about their futures. Events this year included:

    • UCAS & Cultural Trip to Manchester – students enjoyed gallery & museum visits, a range of eating & shopping experiences, a huge UCAS fair and Les Miserables at the Palace Theatre
    • UNITOURS Spanish Universities Fair in Málaga
    • Lectures from Professionals and Former Students – every two-three weeks, we were visited, e.g. by a civil engineer, an African project charity worker, students of medicine here in Spain and in the UK, a Cambridge graduate, international relations and business students….
    • Day trip to Madrid to visit a UCAS Fair hosted by the British Council

We welcome input from students and parents, such as talks about their professions or projects, or providing work experience placements.

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