After a bizarre year, results day is here! We couldn’t be any prouder of all that our students have achieved.

Después de un año extraño, ¡por fin han llegado los resultados! No podríamos estar más orgullosos de lo que nuestros estudiantes han logrado.

Overall results:

100% pass rate for all subjects! ¡100% de aprobados!

58% A*- A      (A2 – 59%     AS – 56%)

84% A* – B    (A2 – 85%     AS – 81%)

93% A* – C    (93% both)


80% A*-A in Further Mathematics and 67% A*-A in Mathematics.

100% A*-B in Further Mathematics (80% A*-A), History (80% A*-A), Politics, Spanish.

100% A*-C in Biology, Business Studies & Physics

92% A*-B in Mathematics

80% A*-B in Biology


100% As in English Literature, History and Physics.

100% A-B in Business Studies, English Literature, Geography, History, Physics, Politics.

86% A-C Mathematics

83% A-C in Biology

60% A in Chemistry (or, 100% A-C in Chemistry)

57% A in Mathematics

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