Ensuring Student Success

 I am fortunate enough to work at a college with an amazing team who work tirelessly to deliver the College’s mission, to empower students to develop their academic, social and emotional skills in preparation for exams, university and life”.

What does this really mean?

We do not measure success purely by grades. For us, success is also defined by developing essential skills and competencies, learning to balance risk and reward, and preparing each student to lead lives that are truly meaningful. We want each individual to move on to university with instilled values and morals, including dedication, courage, passion, personal and social responsibility, honesty and reliability.

Values are key to purposeful action. They are the ends to which we aspire, and they come in many forms. In order to ensure student success, we have individualised the Phoenix College Malaga experience through our own passion and in-depth knowledge of our subjects and our PSC (Personal, Social and Cultural) programme. Our aim is to develop each individual’s intellect, character and skills which will prepare them for the next step of their journey.

A well-rounded education

Planning to teach students for life rather than just towards examinations, we want them to thrive in all areas of their lives. In today’s world, however, grades are a necessity that we cannot ignore. As evident in our recent examination results, Phoenix College demonstrates excellence in education – 97% passed in Physics and Maths A-level exams in January 2020?, with 55% grades A*- B! Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 12 students in any one class; due to this, our inspirational teachers can really get to know their students, mentoring them in addition to providing intellectual guidance.

Not only in the Classroom.

Students today, especially throughout their A Levels, need an educational experience that extends beyond the classroom. Of course, learning through classroom activities and practical work (such as experiments in Science) provide the fundamental foundation to ensure that students attain the grades they need to achieve their desired place at university. But, what it is that universities really want besides grades? For example, the University of Oxford’s website shows that they look for the following for students applying for their Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree:

Application and interest

Capacity for sustained study, motivation and interest, and an independent and reflective approach to learning.

Reasoning ability

Ability to analyse and solve problems using logical and critical approaches; ability to assess relevance; capacity to construct and critically assess arguments, flexibility and willingness to consider alternative views.


Willingness and ability to express ideas clearly and effectively on paper and orally; ability to listen; ability to give considered responses.

How can you show these skills in an application for university? Here are 3 ways…

  1. Convey a positive attitude towards your studies. In a personal statement, you can mention any personal projects that you may have taken on that link with your chosen subjects and interests. This will show that you are committed to developing your knowledge and study skills. Mentioning how you overcame any hurdles in the project will display that you can reflect on your work and look for ways to enhance it.

Phoenix College students are provided with opportunities to get involved in a whole range of activities which will enhance their personal statements. One student recently took part in a radio interview about the ups and downs of studying from home. (Listen again here) this prompted a fantastic comment from Suzanne Dave, a parent of another Phoenix student: “That is a fantastic interview. What a lovely endorsement for the school. You deserve it as there is nothing which comes anything close to your amazing college.” Students also participated in the European Youth Council, an annual project which enables students to develop their debating skills in addition to learning about wider global issues and working with teams from other schools.

  1. Show that you are able to think and work independently. According to a 2017 survey commissioned by ACS International Schools, almost half of admission officers in the UK feel students aren’t ready to step up to higher education. 89% of those who took part in the survey state that this is down to an inability to think and learn independently, and 75% believe students lack social skills.

We believe that Phoenix College Malaga is the bridge to university that any student needs. This is because we encourage our students to set personal targets and focus on individual growth, both socially and culturally. We organise regular workshops with local business leaders, on topics such as time management, to enhance independent learning schedules; furthermore, the library is just a few doors away, enabling students to pop out during study periods and carry out independent research to enhance their studies.

  1. Demonstrate an ability to work well in groups. This could be as a member of a debate team, part of a group carrying out a scientific experiment in the lab, or being a member of a sports team: include this in your application to show that you are a good team player. Universities want to see how you can contribute to their overall institution.

Our students volunteer for the Red Cross, and work together with other members of the public to provide excellent services for the local community. We have a choir at Phoenix College, which puts on shows at Christmas for the local AFA Malaga, a centre supporting those with Alzheimer’s.  And, of course, we all like to have fun… We all went paintballing last October, an activity which encourages teamwork, planning and strategy.

So, if you are looking for the next stage in your educational journey, then Phoenix College Malaga could be the right step towards your future independence and learning.

Get in touch today: info@phoenixcollegemalaga.com


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