Evening IGCSE sessions for Year 10 & Year 11

  • Study with a native English speaking specialist teacher
  • Expert support & guidance in subject-specific sessions
  • Small groups (max. 12)
  • Enjoyable sessions to help you reinforce your learning
  • Starts September 2021
Terms & Conditions
– Minimum 3 students needed for each group, which must be reached by the end of the third session of each term. NB if PCM has to discontinue a class, we will refund (fees paid – no. of sessions attended x 12euros)
– Groups will normally be mixed years 10 & 11, core & extended. If there is sufficient interest, we may be able to split groups according to requirements
– Yearly discount: Year 11 = 360 – 10% = 324 Year 10 = 432 – 10% = 389 Non-refundable unless PCM discontinues a class
– Leavers: we will refund termly amount paid less no. of sessions attended x 15euros
– No refund for sessions missed during the term
– We reserve the right to ask a student to leave a group if we deem it necessary.

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